Goodbye and Hello

January came, it did its thing and is now leaving. We await and welcome February. Some stats on world population indicated that in 2023, there are approximately 7,974 deaths per day in the US and about 330 per hour. If you are reading this in the US, you were blessed to not be a partContinue reading “Goodbye and Hello”

Singleness On My Mind

One of the tough things about the holiday season for many is being single. Here comes the question again this year: Why are you still single? Many singles do struggle with depression and loneliness this time of year, whether they are alone or in a crowd. The truth is, this Thanksgiving many singles struggle withContinue reading “Singleness On My Mind”

Losing Sight

Today was the last day of class in my city before the Thanksgiving break. Because many of my students are fairly new immigrants, most are not familiar with some of the history behind many of our federal holidays. This week we took a brief look at early American history; this included a look at theContinue reading “Losing Sight”


Day 10- Five Things I am Grateful for Today #bloganuary Gratefulness is a wonderful garment. It looks good on whoever chooses to wear it. I find that it takes effort (being intentional), especially when we are walking through challenging seasons. Our tendency is to invest our energy and time, completely focused on all that’s goingContinue reading “Gratefulness”