Still Standing

A former schoolmate of mine posted this picture and asked us to to title it. ‘Broken But Still Standing’. This was the thought that immediately came to mind as I looked at this house. This house that once was a home. Now broken, ignored, void of laughter and life, but still standing. As we celebrateContinue reading “Still Standing”

For Him

Recently I had a conversation with one of my sister girls – about the men in our lives. We talked about our sons. We ended our conversation with the resolve that we believe they will walk into their God-given destiny. They were born for and with a purpose. Men. They come by all different names.Continue reading “For Him”

A little Kindness

This is the month so many focus on the one(s) we love. Let’s begin with a little kindness. I want to be the ‘change I want to see’. How about you? Sometimes the people who need this the most appear to be so happy, strong and confident. Inside they maybe dying – worn out andContinue reading “A little Kindness”

That Year – That Moment

Day 21 – ‘What year would I time travel to?’ Any year, any moment, any time that I can experience life at it’s fullest is game for me. I am blessed to be able to feel – feel those emotions that remind me that I am. I am a woman, gentle yet fierce, flawed yetContinue reading “That Year – That Moment”

A Mystery

Day 19- Write about something mysterious. #Bloganuary2022 A wise king once reflected on this in the book of Proverbs: “There are things that amaze me…things I don’t understand… – How a man loves a woman.” [Proverbs 30:18-19] How the heart does what the heart does. That’s mysterious. #bloganuary2022