Lesson Learned

Bloganuary 2023 Day#29 What is a lesson you have learned recently? Life is a unique classroom with a rigorous curriculum designed to build us up and equip us with the tools necessary to navigate life successfully. The intent is not to attain perfection but to do life with grace despite our imperfections. To show upContinue reading “Lesson Learned”

The Color Like Me

Bloganuary 2023: Prompt Day #19- What color describes your personality and why? At the end of the Christmas holiday, I got this intense desire to change the color scheme in my bedroom to include yellow. Except for a car, I pretty much love yellow as a color choice for many things. There’s something about yellowContinue reading “The Color Like Me”

Why I Write

Since I was a teenager, putting my thoughts, prayers and feelings on paper has always been my way of ‘staying sane’. The paper understood me and allowed me to be me without explanations. Don’t you just hate explaining ‘you’ sometimes? Especially when you are not even too sure what’s going on yourself. This month marksContinue reading “Why I Write”