I Know What She Did…

Recently I listened to a young man share a life changing experience he had as a teen. He had gotten a number of scholarships to attend different colleges, but because of a girl he forfeited them and followed her to another college. He was then left with footing the bill for college after losing hisContinue reading “I Know What She Did…”

I Chose

Life presents us with a series of choices. What we chose to do in those moments has the potential to change the trajectory of our lives in significant ways. The freedom to chose how we live our lives is a God-given privilege. One that should not be taken lightly. With this privilege comes responsibility. WeContinue reading “I Chose”

The Missing Pieces

This is Father’s Day weekend. I thought long and hard about writing this post. Partly because I didn’t want to paint anyone in a bad light. After all for many, this is a celebratory weekend. The truth is most of my family don’t read what I write anyway- so here goes😎! First, let me applaudContinue reading “The Missing Pieces”

Thought You’d Like to Know

Dear Younger Me, It’s some forty-something years late but I felt the need to write to you. There are somethings I thought you’d like to know. First I wanted you to know that you were meant to be here. You were created to thrive not just survive. To live not just exist. Your heavenly FatherContinue reading “Thought You’d Like to Know”

Dear John

Many of us are familiar with ‘Dear John’ letters. From what I read, the term was coined somewhere during World War II. These were letters sent to servicemen from their loves, ending a relationship. A dreaded letter, as you might imagine. Well, that’s me and my real John. That was his real name!! I won’tContinue reading “Dear John”