This is My Tomorrow

I remember the year 2000; some of the darkest days of my life. There were thoughts of running away, dying, abortion – just pure unadulterated pain. I could not see beyond my nose. Could not find the strength to face each day. My mind was in a very unhealthy place. Ironically, church was the hardestContinue reading “This is My Tomorrow”

Dear Mama

I am a daughter, not a son. However, over the years I have heard the stories of many men and boys who have been parented by scarred, flawed women. The struggle has been real. In Girl Like Me, I mentioned that, ‘many times girls like me who haven’t traveled the road of restoration in aContinue reading “Dear Mama”

Why I Don’t…

I don’t eat chocolate [or anything chocolate]. I don’t eat shellfish of any kind – never have. People are always curious as to why – especially chocolate. There’s the proverbial question, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ Right? Who doesn’t eat chocolate? Well there’s always a ‘ reason why’. For some of us the ‘why’ is wellContinue reading “Why I Don’t…”