Cycle Breaker

I borrowed this from someone in ‘Twitterverse’. It speaks to the sheer grit and resilience that we see around us ever so often. Many times they are clothed with grace and humility. We admire their resoluteness, guts and tenacity in midst of chaos and pain. They may have stumbled a time or two but wouldContinue reading “Cycle Breaker”

This Day

Today – TWOSDAY [ Tuesday, 2/22/22]- is a one-time special day. As a little girl, I remember 7/7/77 and all the drama surrounding it. Just like mid-night 12/31/1999. I remember exactly where I was. The world was expected to come to stop on 1/1/2000. Do you remember? For some reason there are some days thatContinue reading “This Day”

Because of You

Day 25 – ‘ What Makes me Strong’ #bloganuary2022 It is in my weakness that I find strength in the only One who loves me beyond measure. I walk through the twists and turns of life infused with His strength. So I am no longer at war with the cracks in the flawed me. IContinue reading “Because of You”